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Get a complete phone system that includes business phones for inbound and outbound calling, or keep your existing phones and use our reliable, professional, and fully featured PBX.

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PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a switch station for telephone systems. It consists mainly of several branches of telephone systems and it switches connections to and from them, thereby linking phone lines.

It is the deepest and strongest service in the communication industry, including professional greetings, music on hold, custom auto-attendant, fax with no fax machine, queuing, call recording, conferencing . . . the list goes on and on. All of these features, combined with our industry-leading reputation for quality and reliability give you the power to do what you want. With Integrity PBX, you get the most advanced and fully featured phone system in the industry.

A system that is ultra-reliable and supported by reliable system that will save you money and enable you to focus on your business, not your business phone system. Integrity PBX makes it simple to get the most features at the lowest price. When you get a telephone system from PBX, you not only get our award-winning business service and features, you also get a secure telecommunication network, with call quality and VoIP quality that are unsurpassed.


Integrity GSM is the newest and smartest innovation which recognizes a mobile phone call when digits from different local networks are dialed from any desk handset.

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