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We customize and configure PBX for your specific needs and applications.

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How you answer the questions below will help determine your PBX call tracking and routing service:


How many phone numbers will you be using?

  • You’ll need a unique phone number for each ad, promo, or campaign
  • If you want the caller to enter a unique code, you’ll need one phone number per ad
  • If you want the caller directly connected to the specific destination where a sales agent might handle the call, you’ll need a phone number for each agent


How do you want to direct the caller when they dial the phone number?

  • Do you want to direct the callers, asking for a multi-digit code, zip code, or area code?
  • IPBX will record a custom, professional recording, send it out to a studio, or you can provide your own.


How many extensions do you need?

  • You’ll need an extension for each destination where you want the caller routed
  • Live extensions can route a call to a person at up to four phone numbers for Follow-Me Calling
  • Mail-only extensions are great for giving information to the caller, such as hours of operation, driving directions, or information about your products, and services


What type of SelectRoute, AutoRoute, or Multi-System SelectRoute Mapping do you require?

  • If you want to route the callers to individual destinations based on zip code, use SelectRoute
  • If you want to route the callers to other IPBX systems based on zip code entry, for example, franchises or retail chains, then use Multi-System SelectRoute
  • If you want to automatically route the callers by auto-sensing their phone number, use AutoRoute


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