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Integrity GSM is the newest and smartest innovation which recognizes a mobile phone call when digits from different local networks are dialed from any desk handset.

IntegrityGSM allows telephone users to communicate with users of other networks regardless of the technologoy that their network uses. Our Gateways' unique mechanism enables you to choose the cheapest possible way to make the call. Through IntegrityGSM calls to International Mobiles is such cheaper as compaed to an ordinary call charges. There is no upfront charge that is why this is the smartest option.

The call then routes via sim bundles (which are all equipped in one gateway) and throws the call in to a specific network that you are trying to reach. serves as an interface between telephone networks using GSM Technology and those using other transport methods like VoIP phones.

IntegritySMS is the latest innovation that offers cheapest and fastest way to communicate with oithers. It has many advantages over other means of communication technology.

IntegritySMS is a lot faster than composing e-mails. The speed of sending messages is just the same as you send messages through your mobile. Through IntegritySMS, you could send messages via mobile, email and your SMS Integrity Server. One of the advantages of IntegritySMS Messaging is that whenever a text message is sent to a mobile phone, the message is stored in our records.

This means that even if the mobile phone is off or unavailable, the message will still be retrieved to your call record file. Also, all messages are copied to your email address. Even your phone battery is off you could still receive messages via email or vice versa.

Due to many advantages of text messaging service, many people around the world are using this service to communicate with their loved ones even in far away countries. And with our IntegritySMS Service rest assured that your messages will be send in the outmost and effective way. It's business wherever you go.

Advantage and Benefits

  • Save 75% to 90% on calling international mobile phones
  • Huge savings on your roaming mobile call costs
  • Make international mobile calls for the cost of an SMS message & an incoming call
  • Eliminate billing errors & services you no longer use


Our IPBX has more features and more flexible and powerful than your usual PBX.

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